Women Entrepreneurship is the evolving process in the developing countries and is often considered as a journey out of poverty to march towards empowerment and equality. In Nepal, women who constitute more than half of the total population of the country, are less privileged in many instances compared to men. Though it is widely recognized that women entrepreneurship development is important for economic growth, innovation, and job creation, as they represent the minority in these fields. Women’s role inside the family is largely evolving in the last decades, with the increase in education, and the need for income in families to sustain the growing inflation. But women are not equally participative, due to socio-cultural and economic setbacks. Women entrepreneurs face difficulties in various steps of starting a new business ranging from lack of formal and vocational education leading to inefficient tools for market research, recurring crises, lack of financial support due to poor loan and constitutional policies, lack of advocacy regarding the business policies and rights and many unseen social-economic barriers that bounds women to take the role of caretakers and givers, more often rather than giving priorities for self-decision making, articulateness, and opinion formation.

Details description of our vision

  • Collect all publicly available data on women entrepreneurship and policies.
  • Prepare a report of findings stating the current status for women entrepreneurship (in terms of product/services and operating domain), underlying policies, and the factors affecting those.
  • Develop a web portal to disseminate these findings and data publically in an interactive fashion.
  • Organize bootcamps and events to use the tools and resources created to uplift the activities in the region.
  • Release the results to stakeholders and the general audience through multi-tiered in-person meetings, public announcements using social media and the internet, encouraging the data and evidence-based decision making for policies, and resource allocation.

Details description of our values

Women Entrepreneurship Data project aims to make the data related to women entrepreneurs of Nepal easily accessible such that it supports new entrepreneurs and other existing stakeholders with resources for evidence-based decision making. This will eliminate the costly need for market analysis. The project also aims to highlight the current scenario of women entrepreneurs in Nepal through research and support.