• Feasibility Study:

Study of national and international policies and resources interlinked with women entrepreneurship of Nepal. Reach out to domain experts and civil societies organizations working in the field of consultation.

  • Development of resources and harvesting of existing data:

Harvest and localize the existing data and resources related to women entrepreneurship and present it through the WEData web portal, so that it can be used for skill enhancement training.

  • Organize online and in-person bootcamps: 

Develop skill enhancement bootcamp modules to train women entrepreneurs with data driven decision making skills to grow their business. Organize both online and in-person bootcamps in various parts of the country, mainly targeting social minorities.

  • Create a support mechanism: 

Create a network of all reached stakeholders and participants for idea sharing and long term support mechanisms.

  • Development of WEData Nepa portal: 

Aggregate all the information, data, and resources via a comprehensive WEData Nepal portal and circulate if openly and encourage everyone to reuse the available resources to grow their business.

Meanwhile, we are looking for engagement and collaboration opportunities with other stakeholders, who are working towards revitalizing the economy, technology, women empowerment and entrepreneurship sector back up after the pandemic. Please reach us via [wedatanepal@gmail.com] or find us in social media: Facebook & Twitter.