Adapting with the changing times: A way forward for WEData Nepal

The blog post is jointly written by the project leads of Women Entrepreneurship Data (WEData) Nepal. Women’s role inside the family is largely evolving in recent decades, with the increase in education, and the need for income in families to sustain the growing inflation. But women are not equally participative, due to socio-cultural and economic […]

[Press release] A joint partnership for the Women Entrepreneurship Data project announced

[March 8, 2020], Women in STEM Nepal, Open Knowledge Nepal and Women Leaders in Technology signed a joint project partnership agreement which aims to make the data related to women entrepreneurs of Nepal easily accessible such that it supports new entrepreneurs and other existing stakeholders with resources for evidence-based decision making. This will eliminate the […]

Binita Shrestha

Project Lead Binita Shrestha is an IT Engineer, an Educator, and a Social Entrepreneur. She is the Chairman and Managing Director at Women in STEM Nepal, a social enterprise that encourages young girls to learn and lead in computing careers.

Nikesh Balami

Project LeadNikesh is a civic entrepreneur, open data advocate, and tech researcher. He is the co-founder and CEO of Open Knowledge Nepal – a non profit civic tech organization comprised of openness aficionados.