Women Entrepreneurship Data (WEData) is a joint initiative from WiSTEM Nepal, Open Knowledge Nepal, and Women Leaders in Technology to make data on women entrepreneurship in Nepal more accessible and support new and existing stakeholders for evidence-based decision making. 

The project includes harvesting and presentation of the existing data, development of the new conceptual framework for the research, conduction, and implementation of the research project, partnership with diverse stakeholders, dissemination of the research analysis, and provision of stable support to the stakeholder working on women entrepreneurship of Nepal. 

Project objectives

The project focuses on understanding the current scenario of women entrepreneurs in Nepal through research and supporting them by eliminating the need for costly market analysis. The project aims to raise funds up-to USD 1 million and reinvest it into various projects related to data related to women and entrepreneurship in Nepal. It includes collecting all publicly available data and information on women entrepreneurship and policies, reporting the findings stating the current status for women entrepreneurship (in terms of product/services and operating domain), underlying policies, and the factors affecting those. We publish these findings and data publicly in an interactive fashion through our web portal, which also houses raw data, tools, and resources for development and entrepreneurial activities. In a more grassroots level, we plan on to host online/in-person workshops and events using those tools and resources to uplift the activities in the different regions and release the results to stakeholders and a general audience through multi-tiered online meetings, public announcements, and encouraging the data and evidence-based decision making for policies, and resource allocation.

Targeted audiences

Our primary stakeholders are:

  • Women are currently involved in maintaining any entrepreneurial activity or are starting one.
  • Government bodies involved in making and implementing regulations regarding women’s entrepreneurship at regional, district, and federal levels.
  • Our other stakeholders are organizations and institutions working in women empowerment, business/entrepreneurship, and the general audience who need data and information on the above topics. 

Thematic Areas

  • Women: Women entrepreneurship is gradually growing in Nepal in the past few years, with more women being literate, financially capable, and to generate income for their families. For which, they need easily understandable information on their product market, financial assistance they can get, and moving forward with their ventures. To ease that, WEData will build informational tools and resources that they and the organizations involved can use. 
  • Entrepreneurship: On the policy level, WEData will use the research findings to suggest bill reformations and advocate so that changes can be made in favor of entrepreneurship development. 
  • Data: Data is one of our primary methods to know what is needed and how to get there. WEData will be massively invested in research activities, including harvesting and analyzing available data to learn the current landscape of women entrepreneurship in Nepal, which will be taken into account when creating the aforementioned tools and resources, policy suggestions, and advocacy activities.

Involved organization profiles

Women in STEM Nepal (http://www.wistemnepal.org/)

Women in STEM Nepal is a social enterprise that encourages young women to learn and lead in computing fields.​ The organization has been involved in STEM education by providing skill-based workshops and mentorship to encourage young girls of age group 10 – 25 years to join the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. The organization aims to educate and inspire young girls/women including children with disabilities, out of school children, indigenous people and other marginalized communities about STEM activities by offering various programs and workshops that include coding, design thinking, and electronics to boost their confidence, build their imagination and be role models.

Open Knowledge Nepal (http://oknp.org/)

Open Knowledge Nepal is a non-profit civic tech organization. The organization has been providing data services and solutions to various agencies and specialized in solving data-related problems through consultation and tools development. 

Women Leaders in Technology (https://wlit.org.np/)

Women Leaders in Technology is an organization working to empower women to become innovators and leaders. The organization has been encouraging women’s involvement in technology and helping them attain key leadership positions by providing career-oriented, technical, professional, and leadership development training, and creating a new cycle of mentors and role models for all coming generations.